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I have a Pinterest collection of mostly music related goodies. The majority of it is music related in some way. I have playlists, music related art, music education material, music biz material, audio and video links, and sheet music. And of course I couldn’t resist saving a few really stellar non musical project pins. Of course you can always just visit my Pinterest profile but if you need a nice visual, here are six of my boards…

Disclosure: I receive a small commission if you purchase certain products through my links, but you don’t pay any additional for them. I vet all the products I put on Pinterest, particularly the sheet music. If you are going to spend your time to work up a piece you might as well work up a good arrangement, and you get the benefit of my experience to know at a glance whether it’s good or not. Plus, musicians and arrangers deserve to be paid for their hard work too.

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